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Best Zipline Tour surfers! We are providing an adventure that is more than just an experience, but an immersive interaction with the stunning environment and scenery that surrounds us. Best Zipline Tour surfers! Fun For The Whole Family A zipline ride is a great activity for the whole family, because its very thrilling while at the same time very safe. Once In A Lifetime Experience The scenery below you is breathtaking and you will have the birds-eye view of the famous Old Town while gliding through Mount Srđ. Lifetime Once In A Experience Unforgettable Adventure with One of a Kind Scenery You are getting an opportunity to experience Dubrovnik in a fashion that even most locals never seen before. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! Unforgettable Adventure with One of a Kind Scenery

Mount Srđ

Srđ has long been a natural shelter of the city of Dubrovnik from natural disasters, but also the invasions of various invaders throughout history have repeatedly tried to conquer the then Republic of Dubrovnik. Zipline through history!

Old Town

One of the most prominent gems of the Dalmatian Coast built with unparalleled beauty will dazzle your visual senses from a unique perspective. Browse through stunning architecture and nature that surrounds this historical monument like a bird in flight!

The Project

We wanted to bring a new perspective and approach to Dubrovniks tourist offer. Being thrill seekers ourselves, we want people to experience our city in fun and exciting ways.Commitment and passion is something we take great pride in!


Fly past the protected historical setting of Dubrovnik and experience Croatia in a whole new way.


Panorama Zipline adventure duration 3 hours

Meeting point

Meeting at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the trip


Closed footwear

Guided Tour

Two licensed guides accompany every group


No prior knowlege is required. Safe, moderate activity.

Booking arrangements

Prior booking is recommended

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What is the maximum height?

Our zip line is designed to accommodate tallest people. It goes up to 270cm (8’10) so you shouldn’t worry about this too much.

What is the maximum weight?

Maximum weight is 117kg (257 lbs; 18.40 stone)